The Ultimate Blox Puzzler with Unique Multiplayer Arena Gameplay!

Strategically place the interlocking Blox to create horizontal or vertical lines from one edge of the board to the other and clear them to make room for even more Blox. But hurry! The clock is ticking!

Score a combo bonus for multiple lines cleared in one move, and a streak bonus for lines cleared in back-to-back turns.

Hone your skills in Solo play, optimizing your strategy without the pressure of competition.

And when you're finally ready, put your skills to the test against the global competition in the Arena!

A new Arena game starts every 3 minutes, and everyone plays at the same time, with the same Blox. Everyone has the same fair chance to win!

Play with your friends and family around the table, or around the world. All at the same time!

Celebrate your wins and lament your losses with Moodmoji. Share your Moodmoji with the Arena, or send a pile of them to congratulate (or taunt!) your competition!

Arena players are ranked using a sophisticated mathematical algorithm, similar to that used for ranking International chess players.

Beat other players at your level or higher in the Arena to move up the ranks on the leaderboard!


  • Fast-paced and strategic gameplay
  • Unique simultaneous global multiplayer Arena competition
  • Fair multiplayer gameplay--every player gets the same Blox
  • Leaderboard with sophisticated skill-based ranking
  • Epic music composed by Rockbell Studios
  • Play offline in Solo mode--no data required
  • Share your Moodmoji in the Arena
  • Completely free to play!

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